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Thursday, December 1, 2016

a fresh take on holiday decor

Happy December!

It's so funny, at first the flood of holiday posts seemed premature... but now I'm feeling behind...and like I better catch up before I miss it.  Oh the peer pressure of social media and all us design-y bloggers. Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday inspiration + festive entertaining ideas...but seriously, it can be a little overwhelming. Am I the only one? We are surrounded by "Marthas" these days. It's a good thing. :) 
So much creativity + so many ideas! 
But here's the real deal...

You need to be you.  
And I need to be me. 

We need to find our own design voice. I just read an interview with Meg Ryan in Architectural Digest, and loved her comment, "...with decorating I am in control; it's a chance for me to bring my vision into the world." Love her! ...and love that thought.

My holiday decorating is not over-the-top ornate, and I'm okay with that. In fact, I kinda dig that it's not. Just call me a rule breaker. 

Fresh + simple is my design language, for the holidays + for always. 
Yes, I have managed to actually adorn that naked tree, but I loved capturing the beauty of its utter simplicity.
I would call my style a mix of Scandi minimalism + boho vibes. 

Here are two recent finds on instagram which are my current inspiration...

{image via AHomeFor DesignCrafts}
{image via Karla Venegas-Quiz}

I also wanted to share a few hints for a fresh take on holiday design:

1. Keep the color palette simple. Of course, I have to stray from tradition (surprise, surprise). My colors this year: white + pink, with hints of aqua + mint.

2. Bring in elements of nature. Fresh pine is a timeless cue that the holidays are upon us. I also love using pinecones + branches to add organic shapes + textures.

3. Don't be afraid to keep some decorations in the box. The past several years, I've freed myself of the obligation of putting it all out and it's liberating. Don't be afraid to re-invent some items with a fresh coat of paint (Oh the colors my pinecones have been!).

* * *

Truth is, I'm not quite ready to reveal my holiday decor pics yet, but I did want to share a recent holiday DIY that I did with SmartStuff4Kids. I made these sweet + simple sand art terrariums for the holidays {photos by Rex Yau @crobarcreative} ...

Aren't they the cutest? See my DIY video here...and the blog post here.

I am in love with bottle-brush trees for the holidays. Some of these were from my personal collection (Thanks @targetstyle)...others I sourced via Etsy (my go-to source for all things hand-made). 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more of my latest inspirations.

So, tell me, what's your holiday design voice? I'd love to hear from you.



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

mood boards + fall feels

Happy Fall ya'll!

With Thanksgiving just two days away, I know everything will turn all holiday soon. So before the white snow-inspired decor hits your home and mine, I want to take a moment to appreciate all the beauty that is fall.

I'm always + forever a lover of collecting fall leaves to appreciate their beautiful shapes + colors just a little longer. And I love adding layers to my interior like my favorite white hide rug + lots of luxe throws.

I've also been bringing in fresh branches to add a little fall to the inside too.
How about you? (Or have you already begun the holiday transformation?)

I've been doing my best to take in all the amazing fall colors before they blow away...

...{Image via Instagram + Susan Andrea}...

Isn't this image just stunning? Such an incredible capture of nature painted pink. I confess, I've been perusing Instagram on the regular...

...and slightly obsessing over nude suede (since my boots above just bit the dust). 
My favorite inspiration so far ...

 ... {image via pinterest + hello fashion blog}...
I'm still on the look-out, so let me know if you know of a good source.

My mood boards + design concepts have also been inspired by fall ...

This one is a fresh mix of pale tones + organic elements, plus some cozy textures, like my DIY juju hats and lush pom-pom throw. I wanted to blend the warmth of brass with cool white, and mix in some soft shades of blush + coral

The next design concept is inspired by moody vibes + salted caramel dreams.
There's just something about a caramel leather sofa, Am I right? I added some hints of deep navy + metallic hues to classic + timeless neutrals...and mixed in some cocktail inspo just for fun.  

...{Images on Moodboards via pinterest}...

When it comes to designing interior spaces, every design project starts with the inspiration. Perhaps a color palette, a piece of art, or a favorite find.

My moody moodboard was initially inspired by my infatuation for a specific leather at COCOCO ... what do you think? Pure cool, right? {It's actually Pure Saddle, on the Arden + English Arm Sofas}

I usually don't have any luck finding just one image that summarizes the look I want to achieve. I tend to pull from many different sources + of course from within my own crazy design-obsessed mind. Anyone else with me?

To start any interior project, I like to create an Inspiration board...A one-page overview that visually sums up the goal for the space.  It's an evolution of creation.  It starts with One idea and as the layers are added becomes something totally new.

Mood boards + virtual designs are great tools to formulate the essence of the look + vibe you want to create. These visual collages help define + direct the essential pieces needed to make the design you're dreaming of come to life.

My advice to clients is always to start with the elements you love and build from there.

Tell me... what projects are you working on and dreaming of? 

I'll just be over here dreaming of some salted caramel something...

{image via InspiredTaste}

Happy Thanksgiving !!! 
I'm so grateful you stopped by. 



Friday, April 15, 2016

spring fresh!

Spring is here! O Happy Day! I am such a warm-weather lover.  If I could live in flip-flops + white tees year round that would be just fine by me.  

I've been loving the blooming trees, warmer sunny days ...and soaking in the spring vibes.

It's been awhile since I posted, so I wanted to fill you in on some of my newest projects + experiences. Earlier this year, I was crazy busy DIY'ing with SMARTSTUFF ... creating + crafting fun ideas for kids rooms {my first-ever DIY how-to videos are up on youtube}. Here's a quick snap of my favorite DIY creation, juju hats made with texture-rich feathers. My go-to source for all that feathers is Kimonos Feathers. This etsy shop came through for me once again with beautiful sewn-together feathers that made this DIY quite a breeze. Don't you just love these blush + white feathers?

I also just got a new gig, working with COCOCO HOME. They make gorgeous chesterfields + mid-century modern pieces + many more styles of very comfortable + chic upholstery.  All hand-crafted right here in NC. Check-out their instagram + facebook feeds for some interior inspiration...

For a little fun, I took a mini spring break to one of my fav getaway spots, South Beach. Raised a Florida girl, I always need a beach fix in the spring. Just a couple of days of inspiration. Cool architecture + art deco interiors, amazing people-watching, international influences and good clean eats (see my instagram for some of my finds + favorites from Miami beach)... 

For me, spring always means fresh approaches to interior spaces. Like adding fresh-flowering branches or potted plants to your space. Organic elements add instant freshness, as well as interesting shape and texture. Lately I've loved picking up potted herbs at Trader Joe's to add organic touches to my kitchen. Plus, I love having fresh basil whenever I'm craving Italian (check-out this recipe I found for mini caprese skewers). I am also crazy about the look + feel of adding succulents to interiors. Love, love, love their mint + aqua coloring and their beautiful shapes + textures. In fact, succulents were my inspiration for a recent mood board I did for a client...

What do you think? Soothing, right? I'm loving the mix of copper elements + rich woods with succulents and a fresh mint + neutral palette.  

What are you loving lately? Be sure to share your finds + crushes.

Hope you are enjoying springtime in your world.  



Monday, January 11, 2016

blush balloons! + other blush crush finds

Hi all!  Happy New Year!  Hope your 2016 is starting off beautifully.

{image via}

I wanted to wish you many confetti-filled moments + a fresh start in this new year.

I also thought I'd share a few thoughts + pretty pictures to launch the blog for 2016.  

Before the holidays set in, I had a fun photo shoot opportunity.  One of my favorite images I styled is this girl's room in ballet blush for Stone & Leigh, a new youth furniture collection by Stanley that just debuted at High Point Market...

{photography by MODE}

I always love styling with balloons, but absolutely fell in love with these over-sized blush balloons.  We found these beauties on Etsy, one of my go-to sources for photo shoot finds. I mixed-in varying shades of blush + pink to layer the look...and added authentic dance elements, like the pointe shoes on the ballet barre + pink tutu. There's something classic about a ballet-inspired little girl's room, but we gave it a fresh take. Don't you think?

As you may have guessed by my recent pins + instagram snaps, I'm currently crushin' on blush. Obsessing over this beautiful bedroom image I pinned recently via the LuxPad by Elisabetta Rizzato, Interior Blogger ...
Swoon-worthy, right?  I so love the white + blush mix ... the layers + textures.  It makes me want to give all my walls a fresh coat of white for the new year.

I also recently re-discovered a fav blog, sugar + cloth, and found some lovely DIY ideas and just plain fabulous images that inspire me to live a little more beautifully (check-out those gorgeous succulents!) ... To me, organic shapes + natural elements are such a must in any interior space. 

I spied this book at the new Anthro in Charlotte's South-End.  With the title of "Love Style Life" and the inspirational text, I've decided it just may need to be my new year resolution read. 

And since every new year calls for a new planner ...  I found this pretty pastel planner by Sugar Paper at Target.  (Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all my latest finds + inspirations).  

So, let the planning + dreaming + vision-board-making begin!

January always brings a fresh start.  I've been diving into a major organization mode (see my post here for some creative organization ideas).  It's amazing how clearing + simplifying spaces frees a bit of stress ... and brings new focus.

What are you resolving for the new year?

Here's to making strides toward our goals + dreams in 2016!



Monday, December 21, 2015

diy: snowglobes

Merry Christmas Week!  

I've always loved hand-crafted Christmas decorations.  Truly, crafting at Christmas was part of my childhood experience.  My sister and I were all about decorating.  Little did we know, we would both end up designing for a living.  

With holiday festivities in full swing, I wanted to share a short + sweet post of a simple snow-inspired DIY project.  I have always loved  handmade snowglobes. I found some ornaments that were perfect for making a snowglobe wonderland (The little pink house + some bottle-brush trees found at Target were the starting point).  I spray-painted some trees + ornaments white just because I love white at Christmas time (well, let's be honest...I love white any time of year).  If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen some of the results of an afternoon of crafting...

I used glass pastry stands I already had (one of the perks of being a photo stylist)...and also used some mason jars + vases + glass candle dishes (it's amazing all the resources you can find in your own home). I then added some faux  snow + iridescent glitter.  I shook the snow + glitter around the glass containers to make sure some of the magical shimmer stuck to the insides of the glass bell jars.

I have played around with placing our creations in a collection
  + along with other holiday decor... 

It was a fun + simple afternoon craft that adds some hand-made magic to our home for the holidays.

Wishing you + yours a wonderful week of magical, memory-making moments.



Monday, December 7, 2015

holiday home tour

I recently strolled through the Blogger Stylin' Home Tour Christmas 2015 (If you haven't yet, head on over to the White Buffalo Styling Co to begin the tour for lots of Christmas decorating inspiration)! It's always somehow reassuring that there are others out there equally obsessed with styling down to the details.  I love seeing the wide variety of styles.  I always walk away with a new idea or a new take on an old idea...and new motivation to decorate (as if I needed more).

So, I thought I'd share a look at my holiday home as well.  I worked with what I had + added just a little new.  I always love designing with lots of white in the winter ...and this year I added touches of pink + rose gold, a new fav color combo.

As of late I have spent more time on instagram than on this blog. I blame it on Life.  You know, the real stuff, like parenting, working  + doing my best to balance all my roles.  Scrolling through pretty images is like therapy.  Life is messy sometimes.  And somehow in the midst of the chaos, taking a photo of a perfect little vignette makes me happy.  It sounds crazy, but I'm thinking there just might be someone who can relate. Are you with me?

So, in hopes of sharing maybe just a bit of inspiration of my own, here is my holiday home tour 2015...

It all starts with the tree + twinkle lights. And for me, lots of layers of white...

... including my newly found white porcelain pineapple, white cocktail table books, an Anthro white pom-pom from a gift of year's past and sweet white bottlebrush trees from my fav gift shop Patina in Minneapolis.

In addition to white, I love adding unexpected, non-traditional color...

I have collected ornaments over the years.  My shades of matte + shiny pink balls were a find at Urban Outfitters several years ago.  The pretty icicles, from Pier 1.  I also tie ribbon on white seashells we've collected from spring + summer trips to the beach...

My Collection of Candles are always on my cocktail table and look instantly holiday-ish in the light of the Christmas tree.  The silver tray + some of the glass votives are from World Market. To create the bohemian-inspired look, it's all about the mix...mixing colors, textures + different heights.

For my winter interiors, adding warm + cozy textures is a must (like this fur from Hobby Lobby).

...And just because I love a good barcart, I put together this mini one. I'm getting ready for some Holiday Moscow Mule-making ASAP.  I scored these groovy copper mugs at Home Goods
Since no holiday styling is complete without a DIY project.  I painted these pinecones for one of my tablescapes.  I tried to get away with simple spray paint, but had to ultimately go for the paint-dipped pinecones.  I love the depth of frosty color on the organic shapes.

I also dressed up my built-in bookshelf with a few holiday accents + a few West Elm favorites...

...and added some paper snowflakes to my mantel...

There's something about paper snowflakesThey make instant magic! I keep re-cycling these creations year-after-year. {see my post here for some how-to sources.}

 My two small purchases for the season were these sweet pastel bottlebrush trees + white pom-pom garland from Target. Who could resist?
 I decked my miniature white tree with the snow-white pom-poms + added some gift packages wrapped in blush + white tissue paper, gold wrapping + white feathers. 

So...what do you think?  

And just for fun, here's a shot of a real-life scenario during a rare peaceful moment at my house...
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I would love to hear from you.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you + yours!