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DIYs + crafty art

By nature we stylists are a scrappy bunch. Resourcefulness is key to creating fresh, original spaces (especially on a budget). In order to achieve that one-of-a-kind look, I've tapped into many-a-crafting memory from my childhood. I've had some fun opportunities to make DIY projects for photo shoots, showrooms + interior spaces. Here are a few of my favorites.
Check-out the links for the how-to's...

J U J U  H A T S

{Watch the DIY Video Tutorial here}

{Link here to purchase feathers to make your own}

{The JuJu Hats on the showroom wall. Image via Instagram}

{Here's the step-by-step how-to}

{Link here to buy Sun Print Paper}}

{Source: Sun Print Paper}

P A I N T  S W A T C H  A R T

{here's the how-to}

{Link here for great vintage frames via Etsy}

B O H O  T R A Y

{how-to here}
{Link here for pretty printable paper via Etsy}

 M O S A I C   M U G

{Link here to see the DIY Video}

📷 by Rex Yau

{blog post here}
{link here for the ultimate crayon collection}

H O L I D A Y  S A N D  A R T

{Link here for an amazing selection of colored sand on Etsy}
{Source: Bottlebrush Trees via Etsy}

{blog post here}

📷 by Rex Yau

{link here to watch DIY tutorial}

What new DIY ideas do you have for me?

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