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Monday, May 21, 2012

don't decorate. collect.

As I've been perusing through the stack of anthology magazines I recently collected for a photo shoot, something struck me.  Designers, artists, stylists have a sense of autobiography in their interiors.  Items collected & displayed reflect their loves and lives...their travels, experiences & interests. 

I was given great advice recently from a photographer friend with an amazing art collection.  Many of his art pieces were purchased on a trip...a keepsake of a special memory.  I love that idea. Must remember that on my next family vacay. 

Collections add a personal element - a reflection of you - to your home or work space.  Collect what you love. What moves you. What inspires you. 

Books. Mirrors. Meaningful Objects. Art. Glass Bottles. Seashells. Candles. Vases. Sculptures. Photographs. Organic elements.  You decide.

Here are some images of inspiration via pinterest...

colored glass



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

beach bound

Getting ready for a little get-away with girlfriends.  Destination: Ocean Isle Beach.  Aahh...toes in the sand...drink in hand.  Perhaps a little night-time dancing.  So looking forward to some fun and inspiration. 

I've been slacking on getting this blog up and running.  It's a little intimidating to be real.  So many bloggers have it all together.  I'm just getting my feet please be patient.  I have some fun ideas for keeping it creative and hopefully inspiring. 

Here's a few images to  bring on the beach...and some summertime cool.

images via pinterest.