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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fresh finds

i was at post & gray today in Charlotte's Southend to do a little visual display...& to check-out the newest merchants.

There are some original, one-of-a-kind, fabulous furnishings & accessories.  I'm loving the mix of modern + vintage.  And notice the hints of mint! 

What i'm loving lately...

Raw, reclaimed wood tables

Silver garden stools + white accents...

Lots of candles, always...

Hints of aqua-colored anything...

Chunky jewelry...

If you're in Charlotte (or planning a visit soon) add Post & Gray to your list of shops to explore.  You're sure to discover some fun finds. 

...More design inspiration is on the way...

Monday, June 18, 2012

mint crush

It's official.  i'm crushin' on mint.  Maybe it stems from my childhood love of mint chocolate-chip ice cream.  Or maybe it's the layers of minty blue & green in the ocean that i love...but i am drawn to the cool refreshingness of the colour mint. 

In fashion & in interiors alike mint is soothing, right?

My recent quest is finding the right pair of mint skinnies.  i have searched, but have not found, yet anyway. Any ideas? i'm also kicking myself for not jumping on the deal at the jcrew outlet when i spied mint-colored shorts.  i think the color is "daiquiri ice"... i want them just because it sounds so refreshing.

i did find a great mint nail polish at urban outfitters.

...& am inspired every time i look at the stack of aqua/mint latte bowls from anthropologie i picked-up for a recent shoot.

Here are a few images to inspire us mint-lovers (images via pinterest)



Monday, June 4, 2012

fun with instagram...

So, i finally decided to go for it.  To imitate my teenage daughters & be fearless about new media...& fearless about creating, expressing.  i finally used the instagram app i downloaded to my iphone, like forever ago. 

Can i just say...So much fun!!! i love finding new ways to find see the world from a new perspective.  Finding new ways to explore, experiment, create, make art.  So whatever it is you've been contemplating, just stop thinking about & just do it.  Dive in.  Paint.  Dance.  Design.  Just do.  Be you!

Have fun!

ps.  i must've  been in a "flower child" kind-of mood's a few of my first instagram pix...

Peace to you & yours!