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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

sweet somethings

This weekend we had an early dose of spring here in the Carolinas. 70+ degrees in February is such a treat. We tried to savor every moment before the sun went down. I love when neighborhoods come to life with signs of spring in the air. Warm weather is good for the soul.

Recently I decided to take some time each week to do something that makes my creative soul happy, even if it's simply buying some pretty flowers at the grocery store, like these lavender lovelies...

...Or, working on moodboards (a fav way for me to gain some inspiration). I did this Valentine-esque moodboard, inspired by COCOCO. Who can resist these three sweet somethings...Roses, Chocolates + Chesterfields...

How yummy is that chocolate leather + all that tufted goodness? 


I just wanted to take a moment to share a few things I'm loving lately...

Chocolate + cherries. {Image via thefirstyearblog ... 
link over to get the recipe for Cherry Cake + Chocolate Ganache.}

Spring fresh art. {Art via Etsy.}
 Spring Bouquet by Cortney North
{Link here to get yours}

Pink velvet. {Image via the stripe : the Quirk Hotel, Richmond}

Graphic details. {Butterfly design by India Mandavi. 
Image via Milk Decoration}

Cozy spaces. {Image via instagram brittnimehlhoff}
Feather love. {I made these DIY JuJu Hats for Smartstuff ... and I'm still obsessed. Source: My go-to Etsy shop for all that feathers}

Prop Styling. {Photo by Kenton Robertson for Belle Meade Signature. Styling by moi.}

❤️C R A Y O N  H E A R T S❤️
{I crafted these for Smartstuff. See my post here.}

...What are you loving lately?

Wishing you + yours a Happy Valentine's Day!!!



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