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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


In keeping with the blogging trend of New Year Resolution posts, I thought I'd share a few of my resolves for the new year. My dreams. Goals. Aspirations. 

My "theme" this past year (my foray into blogging) has been "If I build it, they will come." This blog is my field of dreams.  It's where I share my creative inspirations and accomplishments. After talking about it for quite some time, in 2012 I finally took the plunge.  I feel like I'm finding my voice. My "story" in the mix of design + style blogs. 

The difficult part is not getting caught-up in comparing. And that is hard to do.  There are a million-and-one (+ more) blogs out there. Established. Creative. Cool.  It's tempting to think "it's already been done." But, we all have a unique story. A one-of-a-kind life experience.  I'm just hoping to find an audience of like-minded peeps to take along for the ride.

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My goal thus far has been to create a place of inspiration. Beautiful images. and Fresh ideas. 

For the new year, I have been contemplating a 365-day-project (thanks to the idea via abeautifulmess). And here's the thing. I'm having a hard time getting really specific with it. So, I've decided to keep it simple. My goal is this: do something creative every day. Take an interesting photo. Style something in a new way. Paint. Write. Design. Visit a new visually-inspiring place. Do something (anything) creative. Every day. 365 experiences await (well, 364). That seems do-able.  And it will push me to step outside of my comfort zone from time-to-time and hopefully keep me fresh, inventive and inspired. (Read my original inspiration for this idea here.)

I found a few quotes + quips to keep me motivated in my pursuit of creativity...and in the never-ending pursuit of keeping life in balance. Prioritizing the really important stuff.

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{via weheartit}
I have narrowed down a few specifics:
* This week, write my blog purpose statement
* This month, de-clutter + truly organize my office space
* This quarter, accomplish a few home projects like painting the bathroom, replacing the living room rug and re-upholstering chairs
* This year, attend a blogging conference (any suggestions?)
* Also this year, create visually interesting + impactful spaces for my clients
* Lastly, my goal is to find-out what works for my blog. Last year's favorite was the diy-sun-prints post, which I did for a photo shoot. I'm aiming to do more of the like this year. I have some fun showroom visual displays coming soon. And as always I'm hoping for more photo shoot gigs that allow me to create, design + style. 
To do what I love.
I'm still refining a few more personal goals as well. Please share your new year's dreams + resolves with me. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Have an amazing first week of 2013!



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  1. Happy New Year! Great resolutions

  2. I wish you a ☆ :: * Happy-New-Year * :: ☆ From Japan.!! God bless you during 2013!
    Ryoma Sakamoto.

  3. lovely!