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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


hi friends.

I've been busy working on some collaborations and can't wait to share one I'm working on with my twin sister Pam Stasney. We have been scheming for years about how we can meld our worlds and work on some projects we decided to seize the day and just make it happen. I'm completely obsessing about a post she's pulling together and am crazy eager to reveal all the inspiration + ideas to you (soon, I promise).

Until then, I wanted to just give you a few thoughts and let you know what's been inspiring me lately. Honestly I feel like I need to make more time to invest in experiences that lead to inspiration. I need to take myself on an "artist date" and reflect, explore, and soak in all the creativity that surrounds. I wrote a post awhile back about our "cinema selves." ... and right now I'm feeling the need to tap into that, to become that vision of myself.

I'm dreaming of it. And as the saying goes, If we can dream it, we can become it. Right?

And let me tell you, putting dreams into action is lots of hard work. Ultimately one of my goals for this year is to work smarter. I haven't quite figured it out yet. So if you have any tips, feel free to chime in. I am wide open.

Here are a few pretty pictures that have me feeling motivated to create, simplify, organize + believe in the power of dreams...

{image via La La Lovely}

{image via pinterest, Oh My Dear Blog}

Find a fun "Let's Stay Home" Pillow here.
{Image via pinterest, Bauble Bar}

... and an on-trend pink choker here (or get one in every color) ...
I also found a great source for a sweet pink suede choker via Etsy (link here to the Etsy shop). 
{Image via Sincerely Jules}

I am dreaming of an organized office space. fresh + simple styles for my home + fashion. 
...and finding new coolness on instagram...

{image via Studio 125 Mpls}

(I just spied a set of 4 Eames-style pink dining chairs ...
link here to get in on the deal.)
{chairs available via Amazon}

Plus, of course, doing a little crafting. 
My latest creation: 
❤️ C R A Y O N  H E A R T S ❤️
(blog post here)  ...

Tell me, what's moving + motivating you lately?

C'mon, spill. I need some inspiration! 



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  1. Fun stuff! Yes, I agree, working smarter is an excellent goal for the year. All of the images are so inspiring!!!