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Thursday, November 2, 2017

current crushes

Hey there.
I wanted to share a few style favorites I've been loving lately. There seems to be a specific theme capturing my attention.

Blue velvet, in a range of pretty hues, has always tugged at my heart strings ... but now more than ever, I'm hooked.

What is it about that luxe feel in luscious ocean shades that gets me every time?

Check-out these visions of velvet from COCOCO ...

Blue Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Major sigh, right? This image is via bprhospitality, a luxury rental in DC. Don't you just want to live here? I do, virtually every day (It's my current screen saver). To me, it's Interior perfection. Lots of natural light, a mix of vintage + modern, simple + lush. Link here to order your very own SOHO Chesterfield (tufted goodness with a modern twist).

Pair of Indigo Velvet Modern Sofas

And then there's the power of pairs. This swoon-worthy interior features a striking set of Indigo velvet Arden Sofas flanking the fireplace. There is something irresistible about the sheer sophistication of pairs in interior spaces. And I'm loving the brass details on these babies (dunbar legs by Ferrous Hardware)

So how about you, are you drawn to light + bright or a little more dark + moody? 

When it comes to style beyond interiors, indigo velvet translates so very beautifully to Fall + Winter fashions too. 

Blue Velvet Fashion and Style Trend

I am in love with this look from W by Worth. The off-the-shoulder chic mixed with a velvet pant. A look that will go so many places.


More discoveries and special finds from Fall Market still to come {like these mod patterned pillows by Jill Seale Design Studio...hand-marbled beauties from a NC girl who learned the art of paper marbling in Florence. How cool is that?}

Jill Seale Design Studio Marble Pillows

Tell me friend, what are you loving lately? What styles have caught your eye + captured your heart?

Here's to a Happy November! 

Wishing you sunny days, fall-color wonder, and flowers always + always.



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