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Saturday, December 8, 2012

winter white love

aah! winter white. swoon. 

There's something so fresh, so refreshing about pure-as-the-driven-snow white.

I've been loving it in fashion.  I discovered this image at "for the love of pretty." I'm on the look-out for all the elements to re-create the look. 

{via fortheloveofpretty ...
love the white jeans, cozy sweater, chunky jewels.}
I also love white in holiday decor. I recently met the talented, down-to-earth + uber cool blogger "the nester" ... She had an inspiring post this past week about making your own Anthropologie-esque winter white wreath. See the how-to details here. And check-out the finished product (don't forget to go to her original link to pin this image)...
{Anthropologie-inspired winter white wreath by the nester}

I also did a little decorating myself.  I always have to cut a few paper snowflakes every Christmas season.  I was originally inspired by this image...
{snowflakes in the window, PARIS  via}

I did a much more simplistic version (see how-to tips for paper snowflake-making via martha)...

#cozy #candles #christmastime
{twinkle lights + snowflakes in the window}
As I styled my window of hand-made paper snowflakes, I thought of the nester's mantra, "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."  Sometimes it's the imperfections, the randomness that makes our home projects pretty.  Enjoy today.  Look for the beauty in the every-day. 
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  1. a beautiful post.. love your snowflake window!
    thanks for finding my blog :)

  2. Patti, you are too kind, also, that window in Paris is SO amazing!

  3. Well I think it is beautiful and I do not see any imperfections :)

    Ali of: