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Friday, April 15, 2016

spring fresh!

Spring is here! O Happy Day! I am such a warm-weather lover.  If I could live in flip-flops + white tees year round that would be just fine by me.  

I've been loving the blooming trees, warmer sunny days ...and soaking in the spring vibes.

It's been awhile since I posted, so I wanted to fill you in on some of my newest projects + experiences. Earlier this year, I was crazy busy DIY'ing with SMARTSTUFF ... creating + crafting fun ideas for kids rooms {my first-ever DIY how-to videos are up on youtube}. Here's a quick snap of my favorite DIY creation, juju hats made with texture-rich feathers. My go-to source for all that feathers is Kimonos Feathers. This etsy shop came through for me once again with beautiful sewn-together feathers that made this DIY quite a breeze. Don't you just love these blush + white feathers?

I also just got a new gig, working with COCOCO HOME. They make gorgeous chesterfields + mid-century modern pieces + many more styles of very comfortable + chic upholstery.  All hand-crafted right here in NC. Check-out their instagram + facebook feeds for some interior inspiration...

For a little fun, I took a mini spring break to one of my fav getaway spots, South Beach. Raised a Florida girl, I always need a beach fix in the spring. Just a couple of days of inspiration. Cool architecture + art deco interiors, amazing people-watching, international influences and good clean eats (see my instagram for some of my finds + favorites from Miami beach)... 

For me, spring always means fresh approaches to interior spaces. Like adding fresh-flowering branches or potted plants to your space. Organic elements add instant freshness, as well as interesting shape and texture. Lately I've loved picking up potted herbs at Trader Joe's to add organic touches to my kitchen. Plus, I love having fresh basil whenever I'm craving Italian (check-out this recipe I found for mini caprese skewers). I am also crazy about the look + feel of adding succulents to interiors. Love, love, love their mint + aqua coloring and their beautiful shapes + textures. In fact, succulents were my inspiration for a recent mood board I did for a client...

What do you think? Soothing, right? I'm loving the mix of copper elements + rich woods with succulents and a fresh mint + neutral palette.  

What are you loving lately? Be sure to share your finds + crushes.

Hope you are enjoying springtime in your world.  



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