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Monday, July 2, 2012

feelin' red, white & blue

The 4th of July always brings to mind childhood memories of bomb pops, carnivals & sparklers...just plain summertime fun!

Red, white and all sorts of shades of blue are classic -- both in interiors and fashion.

These two interiors with pops of red and turquoise speak to current trends like BOLD, GRAPHIC WALLPAPER & nostalgic looks like B&W CHECKERBOARD FLOORS...

And...this striking star-spangled ceiling is the creation of the always-inspiring Lisa Sherry.  Her blog is one of my go-to reads ...

So, be INSPIRED.  Add a little pop of red or blue to your spaces...or incorporate a little "Americana" in your street style.  STRIPES are very now.  As are RED LIPS... 

love the red converse!

And don't forget to have some fun celebrating in style...


{images + original sources via pinterest}

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