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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ombre obsession

It's official.  I'm obsessed.  Ombré is everywhere and I'm loving it.

The French word for "shaded," ombré brings to mind subtle gradation of color - from pale to vibrant. Ombré effects are now seen in art, fashion, hair, makeup, interiors + more.

Originally ombré was named for a dyeing technique developed in the 1840s.  Wow! It's been around for a long time...  Now, the dip-dye craze has everyone making their own ombré fashions and home accents.

You can buy a little something ombré
I found this sweet bag on sale at anthropologie...

Or, you can apply your makeup with an ombré edge,
think eye shadow & lips...

...try your hand at making
your own ombré abstract art piece...

Or, create an ombré-esque feeling by using two different color draperies... a subtle tonal change like pink and orange... or aqua and a deeper hue of blue.

You can create your own interpretation of ombré + celebrate colour!

For a recent photo shoot, I decided to paint some shades of pink ombré art...

Here's the DIY steps to create your own ...
1.  Gather your tools.  Canvas, paintbrushes, water in jar, and paint.  You can create an ombré effect by simply using white and one color (choose a rich, deep tone for best, most dramatic results)…or you can incorporate a few different shades of the same color family.
2.  Place your paint on a palette or plate.  Pour a small amount of your choice color on one end of the palette and then place bits of color combined with white, gradually decreasing intensity of color (more white, less color).
3.    Now, the fun part.  You can be literal about painting stripes of graduated color, or you may opt to blend the color for a different effect.  It depends on the look you’d like to achieve.  Start with the palest color and work your way to the deepest.  Wipe-off your brush in-between strokes if you want more distinctive color definition.
4.   Display your creation.
*Inspiration via twodelighted. Images via pinterest.

For more ombré inspo, check-out my ombré pin board.



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