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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

location scouting

One of the perks as a stylist is working in, and discovering, really amazing locations. I admit, one of the drawbacks is the jealousy that may set in on occasion (like this time).

Monday I was scouting locations in Charlotte with photographer Kenton Robertson.  He had come across this gem online...& we were lucky enough to see it live & in person...

Yep, I fell in love.  Wow! Stunning.  And not in an over-the-top, glitzy kind of way... but in a very current, fresh, re-purposed, aah-inspiring kind of way.

It was just my colour palette.  Lots of white with pops of turquoise.  Lots of reclaimed, raw wood. Layers & layers of coolness. Barn doors, great floors, rich textures.

I can't resist, I have to share a few quick scouting snaps.

Be Inspired too!

{LOVE the Pendant Lights & Turquoise Vessels!}

 {Re-claimed wood-turned vanity &
Re-purposed shutters-turned-closet doors. LOVE!}

... & a close-up made a little prettier with instagram...

Hope you enjoyed the quick tour.

Getting ready for a shoot next week...Painting begins today. 

More soon.




  1. WOW! Major jealousy! Exactly my favorite style too...lots of white, pops of turquoise, and all the reclaimed wood! So glad you shared!!

  2. Thanks for visiting. So happy you had the chance to check it out.

  3. OMIGOD, can I just go there and hang out a bit? :)