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Friday, November 16, 2012

baby + kid room styling

So...I just received final images from the young america "Abigail" catalogue I styled.  These are some of my favorite rooms from the bunch...

{sweet yellow + white baby room featuring ikea stars.}

{colorful baby room featuring hand-painted canvases}

{hand-painted color canvases...a fun & simple decor idea.}

{coral baby room featuring hand-crafted washi tape art}
{hand-crafted washi tape art.}

{fun & colorful kid's room with candy decor}

{decorating with candy. Yum!}
{pretty girl's room with art display}

{All photography above by diana parrish design & photography}

Hope you enjoyed viewing these images.  It was a fun styling gig. I'm thankful for opportunities to create.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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