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Sunday, November 25, 2012

let the holiday decorating begin!

* the outdoor twinkly lights are draped + lit.  check.

* the stockings are hung. check.

* the icicle + snowflake ornaments are donning the windows. check.

* it's official.  the holiday adornment has begun!

...just thought I'd share some instagram snaps of the start of holiday happenings at my house.

{pretty transparent ornaments + snowflakes hanging in the window}
{black + white of ornaments in the window}

{little white tree in the foyer. i <3 white Christmases!}
We had a restful + productive weekend. I hope you enjoyed time with family + friends. We shared time with friends, both old + new.

Laughter + connection with those you love is good for the soul.

I look forward to sharing some fun projects soon.
Please check-in + let me know how you are doing. 

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Have a fantastic week! Back to reality!



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