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Saturday, October 27, 2012

sister style

...or should I say sisters who style?  My twin sister Pam (also a stylist) was in Asheville, NC this month.  Yay me! So happy to see my sister, even if we mixed a little work with fun. 

{Pam & me. Photograph by Jim Wieland}

Asheville is beautiful this time of year and we were surrounded by fall colour & sunshine.  Though Pam has spent the majority of her career as a set decorator for films & commercials in New York and Los Angeles... she now resides in Milwaukee. Pam was in Asheville styling a photo shoot for Country Woman Magazine (city girl does country).

The magazine is doing a feature on blogger and author Ashley English.  Check-out Ashley's blog, small measure.  She's all about sustainable living ... and truly is the real-deal.  She is an incredible resource on a myriad of topics, including gardening, baking, bee-keeping...the list goes on. She also writes a "small measure" column for design sponge (check-out her recent post about making homemade chai tea).

While we were in beautiful Asheville, I found out that Asheville is often referred to as "the Paris of the South."  Who knew?  It's a little taste of art, culture, romance... hence a little hint of Paris.  So to be true to the European notion, we decided to dine at Bouchon ... a sweet French bistro with delicious steak frites & a great wine list, plus a farm-to-table philosophy.

Best of all, I was able to re-connect with my sister.  You may view Pam's beautiful work at pamstasneystyle.  She's an amazing stylist & designer.

Here's to more opportunities to work and play together again soon.

Enjoy your weekend all!!!



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  1. asheville is just about my favorite place around. there are a few antique shops there that I could pretty much live in.

    looked around a little at your sis' work. outstanding, especially the room styling.

    you two are a talented couple of gals.